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    Forging a positive future for finance.

    Fintech for Good is a global movement for change in financial services, promoting accountability, responsibility and sustainability.  We organise networking events, "hack" days, workshops, company search and an accelerator programme for fledgling fintech ventures.


    Our vision is one where finance is used for more than profit; a world where finance is deployed to also deliver environmental, social and governance benefits for a sustainable future.


  • The community 

    Join a global community of individuals, professionals, startups, small and large companies worldwide who are purposing finance for the 21st Century. Together we share knowledge, expertise, ideas and opportunities with each other. Meet, learn, discuss, contribute, challenge and be challenged.

    Connect with us for networking events, online seminars, power talks from industry experts, investment opportunities, retreats and our global startup accelerator programme.

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    Where we are 

    We're busy making plans in London and San Francisco but are growing rapidly and building partnerships across the world. If you're active on mainland Europe, New York, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Asia or anywhere else and able to support, please sign up and get in touch for a chat.

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    If you're a startup with plans and purpose in ethical finance, the network is here to support you : www.f6s.com/fintechforgood/apply



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